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G-8 TINNERMAN WASHERS The G-8 washers are Made in the USA from 304 (1/2 hard) Stainless Steel and are machine tumbled for a shiny finish.

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Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies.

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McMaster-Carr is the complete source for everything in your plant. 98% of the products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day.

Hot Galvanized Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Threaded Rods, Studs, Nuts, Washers, and Plates. Carriage Bolts, Hex Bolts, Lag Bolts, Plow Bolts, Threaded Inserts, Rivets, Machine Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Self-Drilling Screws, Deck Screws, Tamperproof Screws, Wood Screws, Masonry Anchors, and much more in Steel, Stainless, Brass, Bronze, Nylon…

Genuine Military Surplus and so much more. Army Surplus Warehouse 7012 S Daisy Lane Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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We carry both vinyl and nylon exterior bags that are built to withstand frequent, heavy-duty use, and they are waterproof for deliveries in wet weather.

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Shop Craftsman Ballistic Nylon Tool Bag 13 in. H 1 inside pockets 3 outside pockets(00937535)

Wallace Carruthers, a scientist working for Dupont®. Nylon is a thermoplastic made from petrochemicals. It is a semi-crystalline plastic, that it has both amorphous (unstructured) as well as crystalline (structured) regions.

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These nylon lock nuts are hexagonal nuts used These nylon lock nuts are hexagonal nuts used with bolts and washers of the same material finish and grade. The nylon ring creates rotational resistance when displaced by a mating male threaded fastener thus preventing loosening.

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